If you are looking for a rewarding career, you might be interested in knowing what are the best paid jobs in Canada and how to apply for them.


    The decline in the number of job seekers has been attributed to discouraging job seekers, especially young people who rarely get a new job because older people accept it. However, as an incentive to increase employee performance, the salary or amount paid for the work they do is very important.

    Being the 9th largest economy in the world, Canada is an economy dominated by the service industry, with the forestry and oil industries being the most critical sectors in the country. Most of the jobs in the highest-paying job category in Canada are assigned to the country’s top industries.

    They range from engineering jobs to teaching positions as school administrators. Below are some of the best jobs in Canada based on your salary.

    Best Paid Jobs in Canada


    As a surgeon in Canada, you’ll handle operations, tackling a range of health issues and injuries. Your focus could be on heart, brain, bones, or cosmetic procedures. It’s a well-paid career, averaging $340,000 yearly. To start, you’ll need a relevant bachelor’s degree, four years in medical school, and a similar period in residency. Plus, you must clear licensing exams and get board certification.


    As a psychiatrist in Canada, you’ll diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders. Your role includes prescribing medication, offering psychotherapy, and directing patients to additional mental health resources. It’s a high-paying job, with an average salary of $293,000 annually.

    To qualify, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in any field, four years in medical school, and another four years of residency. Passing licensing exams and obtaining board certification are also essential.


    In Canada, becoming a dentist means embarking on a rewarding journey towards treating oral health problems. Whether it’s filling cavities, extracting teeth, or engaging in cosmetic dentistry, your skills will be diverse. This profession ranks among Canada’s top earners, with an average yearly income of $233,000.

    Your educational path? Start with a bachelor’s degree, preferably in biology, followed by a rigorous four years at dental school. Post this, a residency of two or three years awaits you. And don’t forget, passing your licensing exams and obtaining board certification is the final key step in this journey.

    Petroleum Engineer

    Petroleum engineer is among best paid jobs in Canada. This field involves diverse roles, including managing drilling operations and specializing in reservoir, production, or environmental engineering. As a petroleum engineer, you’re looking at one of Canada’s top-paying careers, with an average salary of $208,000 per year.


    To start this journey, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in engineering, ideally in petroleum engineering. Afterward, four years of postgraduate study, like an MEng or PhD, is typical. Key skills for success? Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, effective communication, and a solid grasp of math, physics, chemistry, geology, and hydrology.

    IT Manager

    As an IT manager in Canada, your role will be pivotal in overseeing an organization’s technology systems and services. You’ll be responsible for a wide array of tasks like planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and ensuring security and compliance.

    Additionally, your duties will include budgeting, resource allocation, staff coordination, user training, and troubleshooting. With an average annual salary of $203,000, IT management is among the best-paid professions in Canada.

    The pathway to this career involves obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in computer science, coupled with five or more years of work experience. Essential skills for success include technical expertise, leadership, effective communication, project management, and a keen understanding of business dynamics.

    Marketing Manager

    In Canada, as a marketing manager, your role will be dynamic and impactful, focused on planning and executing strategies to promote products or services. Your tasks will range from conducting market research and analyzing customer behavior to creating marketing campaigns and designing advertising materials.

    You’ll also be involved in organizing events and managing sponsorships. This profession is one of the best paying in Canada, with an average salary of $196,000 annually.

    To embark on this career path, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in marketing, and typically five or more years of work experience. Key skills for success in this field include creativity, analytical thinking, strong communication, leadership, and strategic planning abilities.


    As a pilot, your career will take you to the skies, operating aircraft for transportation, tourism, recreation, or military purposes. You could be at the controls of airplanes, helicopters, jets, or turboprops. Pilots are among the best-paid professionals in Canada, with an average salary of $195,000 per year.

    To start your journey as a pilot, a high school diploma or equivalent is essential, followed by two to three years of flight training. You’ll need to clear written exams, practical tests, medical exams, drug tests, and background checks. Depending on your flying goals, additional certifications for specific aircraft types or flying levels may also be required.


    Your expertise might span various law fields like criminal, civil, corporate, family, or immigration law. Lawyers hold some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada, with an average yearly income of $188,000.

    Start with a bachelor’s degree in any field, though a focus on law is advantageous. This is followed by three years of law school and a year of articling. Finally, passing the bar exam and securing a license is essential to practice law in Canada.


    You will play a crucial role in healthcare by managing and dispensing medications. Your expertise extends to advising on drug usage, dosages, interactions, and side effects. This profession ranks highly in terms of salary, with an average annual income of $184,000.

    To pursue this career, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. This is followed by a one-year internship, which is crucial for gaining practical experience. Additionally, passing a licensing exam is mandatory to practice. Depending on your specific area of interest within pharmacy, you might also need to acquire additional certifications.

    Financial Manager

    As a financial manager, you’ll be at the helm of an organization’s financial operations. Your responsibilities include preparing financial reports, budgets, forecasts, and conducting audits. You’ll also delve into analyzing financial data, tracking performance, ensuring compliance, and offering strategic advice to management.

    This role stands as one of the highest-paid jobs in Canada, with financial managers earning around $181,000 annually on average. To start this career, a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, or a related field is essential, along with at least five years of relevant work experience.

    Additionally, obtaining certifications like CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) can be crucial for career advancement in this field.

    Where is the Best Place to Apply for These Jobs?

    If you are interested in applying for any of these jobs, you need to have a valid work permit or visa to work in Canada. However, there are some companies that sponsor visas for foreigners.

    You can check the eligibility criteria and application process on the official website of the Government of Canada. You can use Job Bank Canada for verified and sponsoring jobs.

    Others like: LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Workopolis etc.

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